Heroin use is on the rise. Many researchers believe this is connected to the continuing opioid epidemic in the United States. Because some individuals inadvertently become dependent upon prescribed painkillers, when they can no longer get access to their prescription opioids they search out other options. Unfortunately, heroin is cheap and plentiful throughout the nation. At our heroin rehab center near Bend, OR, we understand how addiction works and we know how to treat it to get individuals back to living healthy lives. Crestview Recovery believes everyone deserves to be healthy. No matter how you or a loved one ended up addicted to heroin, we want to help.

heroin rehab center near bendSigns of Heroin Addiction

When an individual develops substance use disorder, that is, addiction, they are unable to regulate the intake of a particular substance. Usually, this is a drug or alcohol. In the case of heroin addiction, substance use disorder is particularly severe. Individuals can become addicted to heroin from only using it once. Further, if someone comes to heroin already addicted to say opioids, their addiction will only intensify.

There are some signs to look out for if you believe a friend, family member, or loved one is using heroin or addicted. Often, individuals go to great lengths to hide or obscure their use of drugs. But as their usage continues, it becomes more and more difficult to keep the signs of heroin use a secret. If you notice the following signs, an individual may be using heroin:

  • Excessive agitation
  • Anxiety and an inability to control moods or emotions
  • Physical symptoms like slurred speech or constricted pupils
  • Physical signs like needle marks along the forearm or between toes
  • Persistent intestinal issues such as constipation

But perhaps the clearest signs that someone is addicted to heroin is how their personal hygiene may suddenly decline. Individuals addicted to heroin rarely concern themselves with their appearance. Also, unexplained aggression or needless secrecy are signs.

Certain individuals are at a higher risk of developing a heroin addiction than others. However, it’s important to remember, addiction is a disease that can happen to anyone. Some risk factors include:

  • A family history of addiction
  • Heavy tobacco use
  • A personal or family history of mental health disorders

These risk factors don’t mean an individual will become addicted to heroin. But being aware of them means you are in a better position to recognize potential substance use disorder.

Programs and Treatments at Our Heroin Rehab Center

Often the first step after having the courage and conviction to seek help for heroin addiction is medically supervised detox. This is the process where individuals are monitored in a safe, controlled environment as they undergo heroin withdrawal symptoms. For many, these symptoms are painful or discomforting enough to lead them to keep using or relapse. Thus, having experts supporting clients as they endure the symptoms is a good start. Heroin withdrawal symptoms can range from mild flu-like symptoms to seizures and hallucinations. After detox, clients begin treatment.

Alongside the counselors and therapists at our heroin rehab center near Bend, clients will examine the options presented to them. Many individuals will need the standard residential treatment program where they stay at the rehab center for between 30-60 days. However, some clients may discover they need longer to fully heal from addiction. For those clients, we offer extended care. For clients who have outside commitments like work, school, or family that can’t be accommodated with residential treatment there is our intensive outpatient program. We provide the same quality of care but condensed to fit clients’ schedules. For those who don’t need 24-hour supervision but still require monitoring and a more rigid program, there is partial hospitalization. No matter what option fits the client best, we provide the same compassionate and professional therapeutic services.

Crestview Recovery

Crestview Recovery’s heroin rehab center staff, counselors, and therapists all know the challenge facing Bend residents struggling with heroin addiction. Substance use disorder isn’t something anyone should face alone. We know some may think it’s difficult to find treatment in the region, but Crestview Recovery is here to support you. We provide a wide variety of programs and therapies. Some of these include:

Don’t let heroin addiction continue to dominate your life. Break free of its control and let us help you heal from addiction. So, contact us today at 866.262.0531 to learn more and start your recovery.