Any type of substance addiction can be an overwhelming situation to face. Whether it’s heroin, meth, alcohol, or opioid addiction, you may feel like the challenge to overcome it is insurmountable. However, with the aid of a Gresham Oregon Drug Rehab Center, you can face the challenge and be successful.

Gresham Oregon Drug Rehab Center

At a drug rehab center in Oregon, such as Crestview Recovery, you can expect the highest quality professionals to help you navigate the process. From extended care to aftercare programs, our programs are designed with patient comfort and healing in mind.

What can patients expect when they join our Gresham Oregon Addiction Treatment Center?

Withdrawal Management

Withdrawal is perhaps one reason why people quitting drugs or alcohol hesitate or procrastinate doing it. You may not know what to expect, or you may be worried about the process. However, our experienced staff will help guide you through the experience. We make sure you are comfortable and may provide you with medication to help ease symptoms. Just knowing that someone is nearby to help is enough encouragement to get you through.

Targeted Therapy

We provide a broad scope of therapy options that are targeted to your specific needs. We realize that therapy will help you get to the core issues that a woman checking into Gresham Oregon Drug Rehab Centerled to a substance problem. Through therapy, some people discover that they started using drugs or alcohol because of a past traumatic incident. Others may discover that loneliness or rejection led to their substance abuse, while for some people it was a prescription for pain medication.

Therapy not only helps you see what led to your substance use but what types of scenarios may trigger the desire for drugs or alcohol. Learning about your triggers increases your ability to resist them in the future.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Another important element in your recovery is the evaluation of any mental health disorders. Many people who abuse a substance also have a mental health disorder. Co-occurring conditions requires a specific type of treatment. Dual diagnosis treatment will treat your mental health condition, which is crucial for your recovery. You may need medication for mental illness. Some people use drugs or alcohol to treat their mental illness, whereas if they receive the proper treatment, they find it much easier to manage cravings for drugs. In fact, the cravings may cease once they go through withdrawal.

Begin the Process

When you participate in an Alcohol Rehab Center in Oregon or our Drug Treatment Center, you will receive top-quality care. Begin the process by checking with your rehab admissions coordinator about insurance verification. Your coordinator will contact your insurance carrier for you to see how much they will cover. Federal law prohibits insurance providers rejecting claims for drug addiction care. The amount of coverage will vary based on your specific plan.

Once your insurance is verified, your coordinator will go over the treatment plans with you to determine which one is best suited for your lifestyle. Some of the options at Crestview include:

Our compassionate staff at a Gresham Oregon Addiction Treatment Center will guide you on your journey to healing. We walk with you every step of the way to ensure your health and happiness. At our serene facility, you will find a lovely welcome. We offer several therapy options some of which include:

Don’t let substance abuse problems ruin your life. Seek treatment today at a Gresham Oregon Drug Rehab Center. Contact us at 866.262.0531, and we’ll guide you to the road to success.