Choosing to change your life is never easy. A drug rehab center is here near Corvallis, Oregon to help you through the process of living a new sober life. If you have a substance abuse problem, ask for help from people that understand and care. It will make all of the difference between achieving long term sobriety and taking a long time to get there.

Making a Choice To Get To Rehab

drug rehab center near corvallis oregonGetting help for your addiction is the best decision you could ever make. The hardest part for most people is accepting that they have a problem, to begin with. This happens to many people because addiction is something that is not a good thing by much of society, which leads to people being in denial.

Becoming an addict can happen to anyone. Addiction does not pick you because of your personality, social standing, nationality, nothing, it is completely unbiased. Addiction rewires your brain so that you end up believing or feeling that obtaining alcohol or drugs is more important than basic needs like having a place to live, food, or even water.

How does your brain become rewired to think this way?

  • Pleasure Center – Substances stimulate your basal ganglia or the area that tells you you are enjoying something
  • Stress Response – The area of your brain that tells you to respond to stresses is turned down when you take substances. You are not as stressed out

As you begin to take substances, these two areas will need more and more of the substance to feel normal. This happens because when your cells are soaking in these chemicals, they make more receptors for the chemicals. When the chemicals are no longer there, these areas of your brain are signaling loudly to your prefrontal cortex to go and get more substances pronto, or you might die. Sure, a drink or a drug may feel good for a while, but in the long run, it is only going to hurt you.

What to Expect At A Drug Rehab Center Near Corvallis

When you come to the Oregon addiction rehab center, you should expect to be accepted with open arms. When you first arrive we will cover all of the rules with you, check your luggage for items that you should not have, show you where you will be staying, and begin the programming as soon as we can. Rehab centers do offer a range of programs. So if residential is not right for you that is OK, we will still treat you.

Our addiction treatment center near Corvallis believes that people need exposure to many different ways of healing; that is why our programs are not just based on talk therapy or 12-Step principles. Here are some of the experiences that you can look forward to:

If you’re a Corvallis resident, your drug rehab centers want to be sure that everyone goes home with an aftercare plan that they can follow through on. After testing out many different types of treatment, you should be able to put together a plan that you can stick with when you journey back home. It is easy to stay sober in a care facility because it’s hard to get alcohol or drugs. Your aftercare plan is the safety net that will keep you sober for the long term.

Contacting a Drug Rehab Center Near Corvallis

If you are interested in taking the first step on the road to your new and improved sober life give Crestview Recovery a call today at 866.262.0531. We look forward to speaking with you and helping you to plan your bright future at our Oregon drug rehab center!