Personality disorders interfere with an individual’s quality of life. They also bear heavily on the emotions of those individuals’ friends and family members. There are many reasons why someone may develop a dependent personality disorder (DPD) or borderline personality disorder. The goal of any quality personality disorder treatment is to understand the factors causing the disorder and the right combination of therapies to manage the symptoms.

Recognizing Abnormal Behaviors

If you or a loved one is living with DPD, you can trace the possible underlying causes to the following:

Substance abuse

Dependency on alcohol or drug often co-occurs with a personality disorder. Perhaps you are turning to drugs to manage your fears, extreme sensitivity, a lack of self-confidence, and an inability to take control of your life? This is understandable but dangerous to your physical and mental well-being.

When you check into Crestview Recovery, our dual diagnosis treatment will address both dependencies, helping you believe in yourself and kicking unhealthy substances and toxic relationships to the curb.

Childhood trauma

Personality disorder treatment may focus on healing the after-effects of physical, sexual, or emotional abuse in childhood. If you were neglected as a child or overly-reliant on a parent or sibling, without any intervention from those within or outside of your family, you may exhibit DPD symptoms, which include:

  • Separation anxiety when the person you’re dependent on isn’t accessible to you. Perhaps you may have even experienced fear, nervousness or panic attacks?
  • Submissive behavior where you take whatever is thrown at you and lack the confidence to make your own decision
  • An overpowering fear of rejection and excessive sensitivity to criticism
  • Over-reliance on others, where you want others to take care of you and don’t trust yourself to manage on your own

Do you need to be repeatedly reassured by your loved ones? Do you struggle to know about things that everyone seems to be aware of, or are you unable to take any action on your own? Get in touch with the best personality disorder treatment Portland OR has to offer today.

What to Expect in a Personality Disorder Treatment Portland OR Offers

A medical professional will first conduct a physical examination to check if a physical illness is responsible for the symptoms. If it is inconclusive, you will meet with our therapist and begin your healing journey. Therapy can take many forms, from individual therapy and dual diagnosis to group therapy and trauma therapy.

The best personality disorder treatment Portland OR offers gives you the opportunity to stay close to your home base. You don’t have to arrange for the expenses that you’re bound to incur at an out-of-state facility.

personality disorder treatment portland or crestview recovery

Most importantly, Crestview Recovery makes the recovery process enjoyable for you by offering outdoor therapy activities such as skiing, snowboarding, and whitewater rafting. We complement evidence-based care with nature therapy, which triggers changes in the brain, helping calm your emotions, self-reflect on your behavior and take stock of your life without judgment.

After personality disorder treatment at our facility, you will:

  • Learn to live a more independent life
  • Give up unhealthy relationships
  • Behave assertively and confidently
  • Pick up self-management skills to manage anxiety, fear, and nervousness when you return to your regular life
  • Take criticism in your stride and focus on what is important
  • Accept past and present circumstances
  • Design the life you really want to lead

Get Comprehensive and Compassionate Care at Crestview Recovery

Dependent personality disorder treatment should ideally focus on short-term therapy to prevent the risk of dependency on the therapist. Our master therapists use proven approaches, developing a plan targeted to your individual circumstances. You benefit from therapy and skills training. Your recovery is holistic, addressing physical (if necessary) and mental symptoms.

Don’t hide behind a wall of fear anymore. Call 866.262.0531 and give yourself a chance to showcase your real self with the best personality disorder treatment Portland OR can provide.