Binge eating disorder treatment is never easy. If you find yourself suffering from your own binge eating disorder, you know the challenges you face. You feel shame and want to hide your disorder, doing it so well that few people believe you have a real problem. But as your health problem and mental illness increase, your need for treatment grows more critical.

What Happens in Binge Eating Disorder Treatment?

binge eating disorder treatment program crestview recovery centerYour binge eating disorder treatment starts with a thorough evaluation after you decide on a facility. Of course, finding a facility is never easy. But your chosen rehab becomes an essential part of your present and future wellness. It is in this program you learn healthy eating skills while gaining the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual help you need for recovery.

Once you go through your initial evaluation, you gain an individualized treatment plan. This treatment plan meets your own unique needs, whether those include other addictions, mental illnesses or just the eating disorder, itself. The overall goal of your binge eating disorder treatment plan is for lasting control over your eating behaviors.

The treatment plan includes a mix of approaches, including therapies, support, and education. Your family also receives some support, so going home does not trigger you back into your eating disorder. You gain coping skills, communication skills, relapse prevention techniques, and develop plans and goals for your future.

Of course, getting this treatment involves finding the right rehab. Such programs exist if you know where to look.

About Your Eating Disorder Therapies

Your eating disorder therapies include a range of styles, types, and methods. You possibly need effective medications, and if you suffer drug or alcohol addiction, you may need detox. But all of these come together in your treatment plan.

Some essential parts of your binge eating disorder treatment include:

Psychotherapy or Talk Therapy

Talk therapy helps you build better communication skills while exploring your root causes of disordered eating, as well as other problems in your life. This therapy takes place in a one-on-one setting, in which you develop trust with your therapist.

This trust lets you discuss any topic you feel you need to, with the therapist guiding you to possible ways of changing negative behaviors or fixing problems. The therapist works with you to change your thinking and behaviors when it comes to food, through cognitive behavioral therapy or other approaches.


Some people need FDA-approved medication to treat their binge eating disorder. One such drug is lisdexamfetamine. This medication helps reduce your number of binging episodes as the first drug approved for this use. Some people also need an anti-seizure drug called topiramate. Others require an antidepressant or anti-anxiety medication for depression or anxiety disorders.

Nutrition Counseling

Of course, one of the most significant parts of your binge eating disorder treatment program is learning and adapting to healthy eating behaviors. You gain these with the help of a dietary specialist. Through their guidance and over your time in rehab, you re-establish normal eating patterns while learning about a balanced diet, nutrition, and other physical fitness measures.

Group and Family Therapy

Group therapy works very well, in that it allows you to hear others’ experiences similar to yours while your group members provide support for you. In turn, you also support them and practice your healthy communication skills. Your family also needs some therapy to help them understand your problem and how to recognize its signs and symptoms. After all, you need support at home, too.

Where Do I Find Treatment for Binge Eating Disorder?

Back to that earlier question of finding treatment, how do you find the help you need? In the Pacific Northwest, people from all over Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon and beyond get the help they need in Portland. Portland is home to Crestview Recovery, a binge eating disorder treatment program, and addiction rehab.

At Crestview Recovery, your binge eating disorder treatment program includes:

Learn more about Crestview Recovery by calling 866.262.0531 now. Talk to a caring counselor about your binge eating disorder treatment needs and learn about available programs. You can have a better life with recovery from your eating disorder. So call now.