ADHD causes a range of uncomfortable symptoms, like many mental health conditions. This indicates why so many people with ADHD turn to substance abuse, whether using their prescribed medications or other substances. They seek self-medication, many unknowingly. When you suffer ADHD and addiction at the same time, you need ADHD treatment in a licensed rehab facility.

About ADHD and Addiction

adhd treatment programADHD is attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. This brain disorder usually begins in childhood. But many adults continue to suffer the condition, a disruptive disorder causing problems with work, school, and even relationships when left untreated. Some of the primary symptoms of ADHD include lost focus, hyperactive energy, struggles with boredom, inability to complete tasks and uncontrolled, impulsive behaviors.

ADHD develops from a variety of causes, including:

  • Genetics
  • Toxic substance exposure
  • Trauma, such as brain injury, tumor, stroke, or disease

Because coping with the disorder is so difficult, many people with ADHD turn to substance abuse in their teens or adult years. Others overuse or knowingly abuse their medications. This leads to a two-pronged problem of ADHD and addiction. Such a dual diagnosis disorder requires treatment designed to address both problems at the same time.

If you suffer these conditions, you are not alone. In fact, about one-quarter of people seeking addiction rehab also need ADHD treatment. Some rehab programs focus on dual diagnosis care for addiction and ADHD treatment. These programs combine multiple types of therapy to help you achieve strong recovery.

Signs You Need ADHD Treatment in Rehab

A diagnosis of your ADHD with addiction proves you need rehab treatment for these dual diagnosis conditions. But many people do not realize they suffer ADHD along with their substance use disorder. Instead, you see other signs of your problems and possibly blame those symptoms on your addiction, itself.

ADHD causes many adverse effects. These include poor work or school performance, hindered relationships and slowed social development. ADHD also causes problems with keeping focus, finishing tasks and listening to others. You act impulsively, experience hyperactivity, and do not control your actions or speech.

With so many far-reaching effects, it is not surprising you self-medicated in an effort to free yourself of these symptoms. With ADHD, you also suffer lower levels of the pleasure chemical dopamine in your brain than people without the disorder. This adds clarity to your pursuit of pleasure through drugs or alcohol.

Another major sign you need help through an addiction and ADHD treatment program is your inability to stop using illegal substances or medications. Even your ADHD medication is habit-forming if you do not follow your doctor’s prescription precisely. Such medications include Ritalin and Adderall.

Your best chance of gaining long-term sobriety is through an addiction and ADHD treatment program.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment for ADHD and Addiction in Portland, OR

At Crestview Recovery Center in Portland, Oregon, you gain the dual diagnosis addiction and ADHD treatment program you need. This program includes a range of therapies and treatments designed for your co-occurring condition recovery. These treatments and methods include:

Finally, achieving lasting recovery relies upon your complete addiction and ADHD treatment. So call Crestview Recovery Center now at 866.262.0531 for more information about available dual diagnosis programs in Portland, Oregon.