It’s no secret that drug rehab centers can vary a lot from one facility to the next. Often, large rehab programs aren’t able to deliver personalized care to clients. That’s why choosing a private drug rehab center might be the right choice. Find out why a private drug rehab center in Oregon, like Crestview Recovery, could be the answer.

Privacy and Anonymity as Needed

A woman with a headwrap looks thankful that she went to a private drug rehab centerOne of the reasons that clients don’t like to attend rehab right in their hometown is that they want to keep certain aspects of their health and their recovery private. This is completely normal. It’s up to each individual to determine what he or she wants to share with the world. In large facilities, or facilities close to home, there’s always a chance that clients will see someone they know.

Some rehab programs are so big that the total count of clients and staff can run into the thousands. For those that want a private drug rehab center, huge numbers like that can be a deterrent. Even in larger cities, it’s possible to meet a friend, a neighbor or a colleague while in rehab. These meetings are often problematic for clients.

Fortunately, there’s always the option to attend a more private drug rehab center in Oregon. At Crestview Recovery, for example, there are just 30 beds in the entire facility. This keeps numbers to a minimum, creating a more boutique experience and giving each client a greater feeling of privacy.

Custom Treatment Plans

Another reason to consider a private drug rehab center in Oregon is for the chance to have a customized treatment plan. Unfortunately, some rehab programs offer treatment plans that are identical for each client. These rarely work, because all individuals and their addictions are unique.

At a private drug rehab center, clients are far more likely to have access to customized care. This means that treatment can focus on each individual’s underlying issues, whatever those happen to be. For some clients, that might mean a focus on one-on-one therapy. For others, that might mean more group therapy, holistic care or an emphasis on overcoming trauma.

Having an overall guideline for recovery is a great place to start. At an intake assessment, however, clients should receive a personal evaluation. At a private drug rehab center, this assessment paves the way for the rest of the treatment plan. It can also help identify any unique needs or risks that clients may be struggling with.

Accommodation That Feels Like Home

Not all rehab facilities in Oregon, or indeed any other state, look and feel the same. Some have a very clinical atmosphere, and some large facilities feel more like a hospital. That’s often the opposite of what people really want.

Instead of the clinical, sterile approach, consider a private drug rehab center in Oregon like Crestview Recovery. Our comfortable space is more comfortable and relaxing than a sterile, hospital-like environment in a larger facility.

What to Expect at a Private Drug Rehab Center

At Crestview Recovery, clients can choose from a variety of rehab programs. Those who are searching for a partial hospitalization program will be able to find what they’re looking for, along with comprehensive and holistic treatment. Available therapies for recovery include:

Often, attending a private drug rehab center can be the right choice for your sobriety. At Crestview Recovery in Portland, Oregon, clients will have the support they need to break free from drug addiction. Take the next step by calling 866.262.0531.