There aren’t a lot of detox programs in the Pacific Northwest. As a result, some people in the area may feel like they need to travel in order to start their addiction recovery the right way. If you’re considering traveling away from your Pacific Northwest home for treatment, know that you have a closer option. There’s a Portland detox center that can help you begin healing.

Why You Should Start Addiction Treatment With A Portland Detox Center

man talks to doctor at Portland detox centerDrug and alcohol detox centers help their clients work through the pains of withdrawal. Many withdrawal symptoms are extremely uncomfortable and can drive people back to substance abuse in order to ease the pain. Medical professionals at detox centers monitor clients and keep them safe during the detoxing process. Their support and medical care help clients stay sober as their bodies adjust to the lack of drugs or alcohol.

While cleansing your body of the substances you’ve been abusing is important, it isn’t the entirety of the recovery process. Addiction treatment doesn’t stop at detox. Clients who finish with detox need to transition into drug or alcohol rehab. Through rehab, clients adjust to life without addictive substances and learn new skills that will help them stay sober after treatment.

Transition from detox to rehab can be difficult if clients try to do it alone. Detox centers should help their clients with the transition. If they don’t, their clients risk relapsing before they start the next stage of treatment.

Why Choose A Portland Rehab Facility that Works Closely with Detox Centers

Detox and rehab centers often maintain close relationships to make the transition from detox to rehab easier on clients. For example, at Crestview Recovery, we work with partners that we trust. We’re able to work with them to get the information that we need on all incoming clients so we can create an individual treatment plan.

A detox and recovery experience near your home will offer you more than just a smooth transition period. Staying close to your Pacific Northwest home during treatment offers you many benefits during your recovery. If you’re close to your loved ones or wish to mend your relationships with them during treatment, they can be a part of your recovery experience. Many rehab centers offer family therapy so your loved ones can heal with you and support you once you leave treatment.

Portland treatment also means that after you leave treatment, you’ll be able to maintain contact with the personnel and clients that helped you during your recovery. It can be difficult to stay sober after treatment. You can still experience triggers and cravings once you leave. If you maintain close contact with the support network that you built during treatment, you’re going to have people to reach out to when life grows difficult.

Start Your Recovery At A Portland Detox Center

If you live in the Pacific Northwest, you don’t have to travel for addiction treatment. Crestview Recovery in Portland can help you find the detox center that works best for you and ease the transition into rehab.

At our facility, we offer a number of programs that can help you get and stay sober. During these programs, your recovery is our number one priority. We offer personalized programs that will help you regain control of your life. Those programs include:

You don’t need to travel to an unfamiliar area to get the addiction treatment you need. Call Crestview Recovery at 866.262.0531 and talk with someone about how a Portland detox center can help you heal.