Addiction takes hold in a variety of ways, and no two people will go through the exact same recovery process. Some individuals benefit from a long term alcohol rehab center, while others may need just 30 days to reach lasting sobriety. Explore the benefits of attending a long term alcohol rehab center in Oregon and learn how to tell if this is the right course for your recovery.

How Long Should Rehab Last?

A woman with curly hair rests her head on her hand looking somber as she wonders if she needs a long term alcohol rehab center in oregonThis is a tricky question to answer. In fact, there’s no one answer that works for everyone. Sometimes, people only need a month in rehab. In most cases, however, individuals benefit more from a longer stay.

Typically, long-term care is classified as 90 days. Beyond that, there are programs for extended care or aftercare. It’s important to remember that rehab is unique for every individual. Therefore, rehab should last as long as it is necessary for each person who attends the program.

Who Needs a Long Term Alcohol Rehab Center?

Not everyone necessarily needs to attend a long term alcohol rehab center. However, anyone who has tried to quit drinking and failed would be an ideal candidate. Relapse is a serious concern for many, and those who have relapsed before are more likely to relapse again. Committing to a long term alcohol rehab center in Oregon is often the right choice for those at greater risk of relapse.

Attending a long term alcohol rehab center is also appropriate for those without a strong support system at home. When you don’t have continuing support, it’s harder to stay on track toward recovery. In extended care programs, individuals have the help they need for as long as they need it.

Extended Accountability and Support

The biggest benefit of long term alcohol rehab is that people have a longer chance to enjoy accountability. Most people working through rehab want to do the right thing, avoid relapse and find sobriety. Sometimes, that’s easier said than done. Having the support of peers as well as trained professionals makes recovery easier for most people.

More Time to Heal and Grow

Some individuals who enter a long term alcohol rehab center may have been abusing alcohol for years or even decades. Trying to transform your life completely in a matter of weeks is a serious challenge. Ideally, you’d have more time to heal and to grow.

That starts with physical healing. Sometimes, those with long-term addictions need several weeks for withdrawal symptoms to disappear completely. The emotional and psychological healing can take even longer. Limiting recovery to an arbitrary 30 days or fewer is often a mistake.

Long Term Alcohol Rehab Centers Deliver Higher Success Rates

Treating a substance use disorder is about helping people find sobriety that lasts. Unfortunately, relapse is a serious risk. Relapse rates tend to be lower the longer a person is in rehab. That’s one more reason why a long term alcohol rehab center might be the right choice for you or your loved one.

Choosing a Long Term Alcohol Rehab Center in Oregon

Whether you live in the Pacific Northwest or anywhere else in the country, a long term alcohol rehab center in Oregon could be the right choice for you. Crestview Recovery delivers quality care to clients, and treatment methods vary. They may include all of the following:

To improve your chance of lasting recovery, choose a long term alcohol rehab center. At Crestview Recovery in Portland, Oregon, you’ll find a range of rehab programs that we’ve designed to meet your needs. Conquer alcoholism once and for all by calling 866.262.0531.