man has a gym membership

A person’s addiction to drugs or alcohol leads to neglect of one’s social and professional life as well as their health. At Crestview Recovery we offer our clients a gym membership because focusing on physical health is a crucial part of a person’s recovery from addiction. Becoming healthy helps in a variety of different ways and it’s something that can help develop good habits after treatment. Having access to a Gym gives our client’s an outlet in recovery that tackles both mental and physical health.

Why a Gym Membership?

As part of each client’s admission to Crestview Recovery, they’re provided with a gym membership to the local gym. Whether you want to begin strength training or working on cardio, you’ll have the whole gym at your disposal. While you’re in treatment, you’ll discover how becoming physically fit can be highly beneficial for your recovery from active addiction, and you may be given specific exercises that can help with certain physical symptoms that you’ve been having.

One of the reasons a gym membership is so beneficial to our clients is because it’s a type of holistic method of addiction recovery that can positively impact one’s mood and levels of anxiety.

How Does a Gym Membership Help?

Much like art therapy, becoming physically active can be extremely therapeutic for some people. Each person’s path to addiction is different, and their road to recovery might be different as well. Exercise can be one of the many ways a person finds solace when they’re dealing with thoughts or emotions that typically would have caused them to drink or use. This can also tie in with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), which is about replacing old behaviors with new, healthy behaviors. For example, if a person decides to go for a jog or life weights when they get a craving, they’re now doing something beneficial to their recovery rather than picking up a drink or a drug.

Addiction is a cunning disease that tricks a person into thinking they can’t be well unless they’re drinking or using drugs, and this is because the substances release pleasure chemicals in the brain. One of the many reasons Crestview Recovery provides clients with a gym membership is because exercise is a way for the body to produce these chemicals naturally. When our clients start working out, they begin to see that they’re getting a natural high while also doing something that’s benefiting their health. This begins to show our clients that they no longer need to turn to alcohol or drugs.

Crestview Recovery believes that everyone can recover like so many of our other clients have. A gym membership will help your recovery by focusing on personal health in ways that may have neglected for a long time. If you’d like more information, please call us at (866) 262–0531 today.