Your drug or alcohol abuse is out of control. You recognize the need to stop. In fact, you want to do so right now. But, where do you turn for good-quality detox in Portland, OR?

Why Start Recovery with Detox in Portland, OR?

woman on couch needs Detox in Portland, ORSeeking out a drug or alcohol detox helps you to end the physical dependence on a substance. Right now, drugs control your thoughts, feelings, and actions. As soon as the first cravings stir, your focus shifts to getting and using the substance. This way of life isn’t a good setup for rehab, which makes recovery possible.

To overcome a physical dependence, you need to seek out a facility that offers detox in Portland, OR. Typically, detox experts will ensure that the withdrawal process is pain-free and comfortable. Medical assistance will also be available when you need it. The around-the-clock presence of health care providers ensures that you are safe throughout the process.

What Happens After Detox?

Once you complete your stay at a detox facility, which takes about seven to ten days, you head to rehab. Because the drug no longer controls your every thought, you now have the freedom to focus on recovery. This makes it possible for therapists to reach you with the modalities they offer. Examples include the following:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy lets you identify negative patterns in thoughts and actions
  • Dialectical behavior therapy encourages you to regulate emotional responses to unchangeable situations
  • Family therapy assists with the creation of healthy boundaries in relationships, which is vital when co-dependency exists
  • Dual diagnosis treatment benefits program participants who struggle with a mental health disorder as well as an addiction
  • Trauma treatment becomes instrumental in overcoming past — frequently unresolved — events that affect you today

Many of these treatments take place in one-on-one talk therapy sessions. You and a therapist meet to discuss the topics that are on your mind. The progress depends in large part on your ability to move forward. Therefore, you’ll need to look for a rehab facility that can accommodate you.

Rather than rushing through the process, look for a program with an extended care option that gives you enough time. An excellent choice is a facility that offers 90-day programs. Even if you don’t need the additional time, it’s good to know that the option is available. This type of treatment should take place in a residential setting.

Living at the facility is advantageous because it opens the door to round-the-clock access to therapists. Additionally, you’ll also interact with peers who are currently undergoing recovery. These interactions build your self-esteem and empathy. They also help you to relate well to others, which assists with relapse prevention in the future.

But if you can’t commit to a stay, there’s typically also a partial hospitalization option. You spend the day at the facility but return to a sober home at night. Doing so can be a good alternative when there are responsibilities at home that nobody else can temporarily take over. For some individuals, an intensive outpatient treatment delivery may be another opportunity.

Finding the Right Place for Rehab and Detox in Portland, OR Today

You want to stop using and need help. You know that you can’t go it alone. And you’re right: Addiction is a chronic medical condition that requires professional help. You don’t have to continue suffering and struggling by yourself. At Crestview, we treat a variety of addictions, including:

When you connect with the friendly experts at Crestview Recovery, we’ll refer you to a good-quality detox facility. Once you finish the detox, you’ll begin rehab at Crestview Recovery. Call 866.262.0531 to begin living your best life.