woman sitting on footbridge shows signs of drug useDrug addiction is a common, yet oftentimes silent disease that millions of Americans fight each year. Anyone who has been through it and come out the other side knows all too well the type of irreparable damage that compulsive drug seeking and abuse brings. Some people lose their homes, cars, and financial independence when their drug habit spirals out of control. Others sacrifice their family in order to keep up their drug-influenced lifestyle. If you suspect that you or a close friend or relative has a dependency problem, familiarize yourself with the signs of drug use below. If any of the situations feel familiar, you might find the services offered by a quality drug rehab to be life changing.

Physical Signs of Drug Use

Every drug produces different effects, and every individual reacts differently to these effects. The physical warning signs of drug use below are some of the most common to all drugs:

  • Bloodshot eyes; pupils that are either too large or too small in size
  • Changes to eating habits and sleeping patterns
  • Unexplained or sudden weight loss or weight gain
  • Declining physical appearance; disregard for personal hygiene
  • Slurred speech, unbalanced coordination, or shakes and tremors
  • Psychological Signs of Drug Use
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Extreme irritation or irritability
  • Inability to fulfill personal and professional obligations
  • Compulsive need to seek and abuse more of the drug

What Can You Do To Help Individuals with Drug Addiction?

If you’re still reading this, there’s a good chance that you or someone you care about is fighting a personal battle with substance abuse. You’re also probably wondering what you can do to help stop this destructive behavior.

Have you ever considered getting real help from a reputable, competent drug rehab center?

At Crestview Recovery Center in Portland, Oregon, we have addiction programs designed to help you achieve sobriety. Through an outpatient program, we can help you regain your strength, confidence and independence. You’ll leave with a better grasp on how to live a sober life and resist the temptation to use again.

Every one of our guests receives individual and compassionate care, delivered by our physicians and Master-level therapists.

A brief look at the programs we offer at Crestview Recovery includes:

  • Dual diagnosis therapy for anyone suffering a co-occurring mental disorder
  • Exhaustive individual and trauma therapy
  • Outpatient programs
  • Extra amenities like white water rafting, skiing, and snowboarding

What’s Holding You Back?

Still weary of packing up and seeking help away from your home? That’s okay. We understand how intimidating and possibly even scary the idea of drug rehab might seem. But at our comfortable and amenity-rich facility in the Pacific Northwest, you can have the chance to slow down, catch your breath, and focus on getting back to your best self.

You might feel weak the day you arrive for addiction treatment. However, if you choose Crestview Recovery for your recovery, we’ll arm you with everything you need to feel strong and ready to jump head first into sustainable sobriety by the time you graduate from one of our programs.

Quality Drug Rehab at Your Fingertips

You have struggled with drug addiction long enough. Are you ready to implement a positive and rewarding change in your life? Crestview Recovery has the treatment programs and resources that you need to finally overcome your addiction. Contact us now at 866.262.0531 to get started on the road to safe and life-lasting sobriety.