Individualized Addiction Treatment

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No matter how long your loved one has been struggling with addiction, recovery is possible in the right environment. Our team at Crestview is made up of people who understand recovery and what it takes to get there.

Respectful, Compassionate, Future-Focused Care

Millions of people living in the United States are dealing with substance addiction and a co-occurring mental health issue. When these two conditions exist simultaneously, individuals often experience immeasurable difficulties in their personal, occupational, and social lives. This is because the symptoms of one disorder can work against and intensify symptoms of the other condition. Fortunately, rehab at a center for addiction and mental health can treat both conditions together and lead to life-changing results.

Drug Treatment & Psychotherapy

If you suffer from both a substance addiction and mental health disorder, you know how large of a battle you’re facing. Addiction and alcoholism on their own can be debilitating and life-threatening. When combined with a psychological condition, addiction prevents many people in Portland from living their best lives. The following are a few examples of co-occurring conditions we commonly treat at Crestview:

ADHD and addiction

Anxiety and addiction

Depression and addiction

Trauma and addiction

If you want to quit abusing mind-altering substances and get back to enjoying life, the most successful approach is to treat both conditions at once. A dual diagnosis treatment program addresses both addiction and mental health.

However, choosing to enroll at a center for addiction and mental health can greatly increase your chances for full rehabilitation. You can find a quality recovery facility where you can undergo treatment for both your conditions in one place. While working on getting sober, you can also start restoring your emotional and spiritual imbalances.

The Right Therapist Makes all the Difference

One important service to take advantage of during your time at a center for addiction and mental health is addiction therapy. A qualified psychologist can help you work through your personal struggles using constructive methods. You can learn helpful coping skills for dealing with stress in the future. Therapy can also provide you with many relapse prevention methods to use once treatment ends. All of these tools together can act as a strong foundation for your recovery and future sobriety.



What Is Partial Hospitalization?

For people who are not experiencing acute withdrawal symptoms but need to be medically monitored, our partial hospitalization program is an excellent segue into inpatient rehab. When the body and mind become dependent on a harmful substance, it takes time to adjust to life without it. Our partial hospitalization programs include the following drug treatment options:

Medication-assisted treatment

Medical supervision and monitoring

Gradual entrance into therapy programs

Respectful, experienced, understanding staff


“I can’t speak highly enough about Crestview. I am helping my brother navigate his road to recovery from a horrible addiction to alcoholism. He has been in and out of various levels of treatment facilities for about five years but what makes Crestview so special is that his ‘care team’ truly cares about him and communicates with me when I have concerns or questions. It is quite rare to have the unending support of educated and compassionate people that I can talk to and troubleshoot issues with. They communicate better than any facility that my brother has been to over the last five years and they do so with incredible empathy. They have become my second family. I thank them from the bottom of my heart. I recommend Crestview Recovery for struggling addicts that want to feel that their lives truly matter because they do!”

Drug Treatment in Portland, Oregon

If you’re ready to tackle your vices and attend drug treatment, Crestview offers five-star drug rehab programs for people in the Portland area. Our dual diagnosis treatment center in Oregon offers the individualized care that you need and deserve. You can receive help for your substance abuse problem while also focusing on your psychological health.

All of our guests undergo their own unique treatment regimen. If you enroll at our center for addiction and mental health, your schedule could include programs like:

Residential rehab treatment

Outpatient drug treatment

Dual diagnosis treatment

Extended 90-day program

Recovering in an outpatient care setting allows patients to develop an extensive network of family and friends to support their recovery. Patients participating in an intensive outpatient drug rehab program continue to attend work or school and live in their own houses.

The Road to Recovery Begins Here

If you’re ready to put old habits to bed and start working towards recovery, the professionals at Crestview Recovery are eager to help. Let the programs at our center for addiction and mental health in OR guide you towards a sober and independent new start. Call us toll-free today at 866.262.0531 to learn more about this life-changing opportunity.