Somber man who believe he is a drug addictMany people don’t know that they have a drug addiction. They don’t understand that addiction is a chronic disease. Prescription medication is one of the worst. Without knowing about addiction, you could put yourself in a potentially fatal situation. It’s necessary to ask yourself the question, “Am I a drug addict?”

Addiction affects many aspects of the brain. It causes the prefrontal cortex to stop functioning properly. The prefrontal cortex helps with self-awareness. Without being self-aware, you have to look for subtle signs of addiction, and some of these signs include:

  • Do you have a mental obsession and physical craving?
  • Do friends or family comment on your drug use?
  • Do you experience the symptoms of withdrawal?

A Drug Addict has a Mental Obsession and Physical Craving

People have different misconceptions about addiction. Most people think that in order to have an addiction, you need to be homeless, jobless and without family. In reality, most people with an addiction live seemingly normal lives to the outside world. Americans who have jobs, homes, and families are not immune to overdose.

Since social and financial standing are irrelevant when it comes to addiction, you must look at two primary symptoms.

  • A physical drug craving means that once you have one, you have difficulty stopping or moderating. Those with an addiction may say they’ll limit their use, but they can’t.
  • Those with a mental obsession are constantly thinking about drug use and the next high.

Issues with Friends and Family

Along with the prefrontal cortex, addiction also affects the part of the brain responsible for survival, which causes delusions. For instance, friends and family might approach individuals about their signs of drug use. Since the brain thinks it needs drugs to survive, affected individuals may become extremely defensive. The mind has a problem separating truth from fiction and thinks loved ones don’t understand.

In reality, your friends and family care about you, and they bring up your substance abuse issues because they love you. In a person’s addiction, he or she thinks that the problem isn’t affecting anybody, but it is. Loved ones are in the middle of the situation, and it causes a lot of concern and worry for them. They’re only discussing the issue because they want you to be well.

The Physical Dependency of a Drug Addict

The easiest way to know if you have a problem and may be a drug addict is to recognize a physical dependency. If your body has come to the point where you feel sick when you don’t have drugs, there’s a problem. Long-term, consistent drug use makes the body dependent to the point that individuals experience withdrawal when they stop using. If you reach this point, you need to look into addiction treatment programs in Portland to get the help that you need.

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