There are a number of dangerous and scary drugs out there. Some of them can even cost people their lives if they don’t get help, including bath salts. Below is more information about this drug and why going to a bath salts drug addiction rehab center is important.

What Are Bath Salts?

A somber looking woman wonders if she needs a bath salts drug addiction rehab centerBefore people start looking for a bath salts drug addiction rehab center, they should know more about this drug. To start with, bath salts is a street name for synthetic cathinones. This man-made stimulant is similar to cathinone from the khat plant. Unlike the natural chemical, however, bath salts are much stronger and highly dangerous.

Despite the name, bath salts have nothing to do with the minerals that people add to water for bathing. Instead, dealers market these drugs with that name so that they can get away with selling them in stores. In the past, some gas stations have openly sold bath salts through this loophole. They can legally sell them when it has the warning, “Not for human consumption.”

Government officials continue to look for ways to spot these loopholes. However, it’s hard for them to track down these drugs because people continue to sell them under different names. Some dealers label them as bath salts, while others label them as jewelry cleaner or plant food. Regardless of the name, they’re the same drugs and are still dangerous to use.

The Need for a Bath Salts Drug Addiction Rehab Center

Once people start taking this drug, it doesn’t take long for them to develop an addiction. Because of that, there’s a real need for a bath salts drug addiction rehab center.

Bath salts affect the brain. While doctors still don’t know much about these effects, they do know that these drugs alter the chemical balance. The result is an addiction that works similar to addictions to other stimulants like cocaine, MDMA, and amphetamines.

Although bath salts work similar to cocaine, they’re about ten times more potent. The majority of people who try them end up in the emergency room after their first dose. Those who are lucky enough to survive develop addiction over a short time.

Bath Salts Withdrawal

Even after taking bath salts one time, the body can develop a dependency on it. In fact, these drugs cause several severe symptoms that typically require medical attention. Some of these side effects include:

  • Anxiety
  • Problems sleeping
  • Extreme paranoia
  • Hallucinations
  • Coma
  • Seizures

The severity of the withdrawal that people experience depends on many factors. For example, the longer that they take the drug, the more extreme that their symptoms are. Someone who took bath salts only once won’t have symptoms as intense as someone who took them for months.

Likewise, the way that people take these drugs plays a big role in their withdrawal symptoms. There are multiple ways that people can take bath salts. They can smoke, snort, or ingest them to get high. Snorting produces one of the fastest highs, but it also makes withdrawal symptoms worse.

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