Alcoholism is one of the most common and dangerous problems that people living in the United States face. The legal substance is responsible for more rehab admissions each year than all other drugs combined. If your alcohol problem has developed into a full-blown addiction, alcoholism treatment programs in Portland can help. You have a real and chronic disease that won’t simply go away if you ignore it. There’s no reason to feel ashamed about needing help to overcome alcoholism and the withdrawal symptoms it produces.

Alcoholism is a Disease, Not a Choice

According to most health associations, alcoholism is a disease. Once an alcohol abuse problem becomes dependency and eventually alcoholism, quitting becomes a great challenge. Many alcoholics live in denial, believing they don’t have a problem. Others have moments when they realize they have a problem, but fear of withdrawal symptoms prevent them from staying sober.

Alcoholism Withdrawal

woman with bottle of whiskey needs alcoholism treatmentAs with any addiction, long-time alcohol abuse changes the way the brain functions. If an alcoholic suddenly stops drinking or cuts dosage drastically, withdrawal symptoms begin to appear. Alcoholism withdrawal symptoms can be severe and even dangerous, particularly for heavy or longtime drinkers.

Alcoholism withdrawal symptoms can vary slightly from person to person. Certain factors determine how severe withdrawal will be. Some of these factors include genetics, family history of alcoholism, the presence of any underlying emotional disorders, socioeconomic status or living a stressful lifestyle.

Generally, alcoholism produces withdrawal symptoms that appear within two hours to four days after the last drink. These symptoms can include:

  • Anxiety
  • Sweating, shakiness, and loss of appetite
  • Increased irritability, restlessness, or agitation
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Elevated heart rate, body temperature, and blood pressure
  • Tremors, hallucinations, and seizures

Withdrawal symptoms can be quite unpleasant. Most people who attempt to self-detox are unable to resist the chronic and overwhelming urges to drink more alcohol. Medically supervised detox is by far the safest way to get past the withdrawal portion of the recovery. In a detox program, specialists are on hand 24/7 to monitor patients’ progress and make adjustments when necessary.

If alcoholism is keeping you from the satisfying life you want, consider enrolling in an alcoholism treatment program in Portland. Many people have overcome alcoholism through the combined efforts of detox, personalized treatment, and the 12 step recovery program. This safe and compassionate method can work for you, too.

Alcoholism Treatment in Portland

At Crestview Recovery in Portland, Oregon, individuals can receive the absolute best alcoholism treatment and addiction therapy programs available. Our personalized alcoholism treatment plans can help you:

  • Get sober
  • Develop a healthier mindset
  • Learn relapse prevention skills
  • Rebalance the emotional issues you may also be dealing with

At Crestview Recovery, we’ll tailor your treatment program to meet your individual needs, based on your experience with alcoholism. We understand how overwhelming the prospect of leaving your familiar surroundings to enter rehab might be. We take every measure possible to ensure you receive a comfortable, supportive, and effective rehab experience.

Beat Alcoholism the Safe Way

Don’t sit by on the sidelines while alcoholism destroys more of your life. You can overcome your disease by getting quality alcoholism treatment. Crestview Recovery in Portland, Oregon can provide you with the excellent addiction treatment programs and support that you need. If you’re ready to put an end to the days of abuse and self-destruction, we invite you to call us now at 866.262.0531.