Overcoming addiction is one of the hardest things to do. To have a fighting chance, it’s important to seek out drug detox programs. Detox or detoxification provides a strong foundation from which to build the rest of the rehab experience. Studies show that relapse is less common for people who undergo detox first.

What Is Detox?

woman talking to nurse gets drug detoxDetox is the process of ridding the body of toxins, including those left behind from drugs and alcohol. While going through the detox process, people experience mild to severe withdrawal symptoms. Depending on the drug, some of the more severe withdrawal symptoms can cause death.

Because of the severe nature of withdrawal symptoms, people should never try to detox alone. Detox centers provide the supervision and assistance that they need to stay safe during the process.

The Importance of Drug Detox

Detoxing is the first important step that people take when they want to overcome addiction. Many drugs remain in the body for days or even weeks after the last use. Detox is extremely uncomfortable and often makes people prone to relapse. Receiving professional help ensures that they don’t relapse during the process.

The withdrawal symptoms that people experience during detox vary from drug to drug. In general, however, common withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Seizures
  • Sweating
  • Vomiting
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Trouble sleeping

In short, detoxing prepares the body for the challenges to come in addiction rehab. Supervised detox sets the groundwork for a successful rehab experience. If people relapse after drug detox, they have to go through it again before they start the rehab experience.

Therapy and Detox

While some detox centers only help individuals deal with withdrawal symptoms, others offer therapy. The goal of these therapy programs is to help mentally prepare patients for rehab. They can help people reach the root cause of their addiction. Understanding and addressing the cause is an important step to overcoming addiction.

The therapy types that detox centers offer vary depending on the facilities. That said, some common therapy programs include family, individual and group addiction therapy services.

Medical Detox

Some detox centers also offer medical detox options. The goal of medical detox is to help individuals remain more comfortable during the process. In some cases, it’s necessary to ensure that withdrawal symptoms don’t injure the patients.

While medical detox is a safe way to manage withdrawal symptoms, some individuals prefer a more natural approach. Drug detox centers can help individuals determine which detox methods are right for them.

Crestview Recovery Is Where Your Addiction Ends

After you finish your detox program, you’ll need to enroll in a rehab center to fully overcome your addiction. At Crestview Recovery, we provide the tools and addiction programs you need to remain in control of your addiction.

It’s important to note that addiction is a mental disorder and not something that you can cure. With the proper guidance, however, you can learn not to let your addiction control you. Some of the programs that we offer to help you reach this state include:

Our rehab facility emphasizes comfort and privacy. We take privacy very seriously because we want you to fully focus on your recovery. Additionally, we designed our facility around the concept of letting in the beautiful natural light of the Pacific Northwest. We find that the natural light creates an uplifting atmosphere.

Overcome your addiction with the help of our friendly staff at Crestview Recovery. Don’t waste another day with the guilt or shame that people associate with addiction. Contact us today at 866.262.0531 for more information about the services that we provide.