At Crestview Recovery Center in Portland, OR we offer both alcohol detox and drug detox services. Detox is an important part of every rehab experience. In fact, many rehab centers don’t even accept clients until they undergo detox. With that said, not many people know what to expect from drug and alcohol detox programs. Having an overview of how this process works can reduce stress and anxiety.

A Look at Drug and Alcohol Detox

How detox programs work varies depending on the detox center that people choose to visit. In fact, some rehab centers even offer detox on site. Regardless of the detox center that people choose, the main goal is to make them comfortable. Detoxing from alcohol or drugs is painful and uncomfortable because of withdrawal symptoms.

Detox centers supervise their clients to ensure their safety and comfort during the withdrawal process. Some centers even offer medical detox services when necessary. The level of care that people need depends on the type of drugs that they take.

Working With Rehab Centers

Most rehab centers want to concentrate completely on offering post-detox services, which lets them provide a focused experience. Despite not offering detox services, the best rehab centers work with local detox centers.

When rehab and detox centers work closely together, it makes transfers between the two seamless. Clients don’t have to worry about transferring paperwork or how they’ll get to rehab. Instead, they can focus completely on overcoming addiction.

Rehab Programs That You Can Count On

Deciding to enroll in a rehab program isn’t easy, and at Crestview Recovery Center, we understand that. However, we put the needs of our clients first. We also work with local detox centers to ensure that you get the support that you deserve. Some different addiction treatment programs that we offer include:

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