Nature has potent healing powers. The outdoors offers a great opportunity for self-reflection, self-discovery, and healing. For this reason, the best recovery plans include outdoor therapy. Objectively speaking, residents in the Pacific Northwest are particularly lucky to recuperate emotionally in the midst of stunning, unspoiled natural beauty.

What Is Outdoor Therapy?

outdoor therapy pacific northwest crestview recoveryTherapeutic recreation uses the rehabilitative power of nature for all-around recovery and wellness. It can take many forms, but primarily involves outdoor activities that encourage a change in behavior and improve interpersonal skills. Most often, it includes one or more outdoor sports; some may focus on skills such as meal planning, cooking, and self-care.

The best outdoor therapy Pacific Northwest facilities can offer is effective in helping individuals combat addiction, childhood trauma, and mental disorders. Those who rely on alcohol or drugs to feel satisfied and happy can experience the same emotions in the wilderness amongst peers.

Of course, those who are struggling to let go of painful memories from childhood feel a sense of acceptance and belonging in a supportive and participatory outdoor environment. Engaging in sports and collaborative activities in the lap of nature can relieve emotional disturbances in individuals who grapple with behavioral health issues on a regular basis.

What Does Nature Therapy Intend to Achieve?

The outdoors are a peaceful, non-judgmental space. When you’re in treatment, you are not just sitting within the four walls of a therapist’s office. There is no scope to feel overwhelmed, except maybe, by the glorious beauty of the mountains or rapids! You can breathe easy, immerse yourself wholly into the environment, and less likely to feel aggression, anxiety, depression or cravings.

By pursuing the highest quality outdoor therapy Pacific Northwest facilities can offer, you can benefit from the following:

  • Improvement in managing emotions
  • Improvement in communication skills
  • Development of team-building skills
  • Improvement in managing relationships
  • Development of anger-management skills
  • Better self-control
  • Enhanced self-confidence

Crestview Recovery ensures a structured outdoor program that complements other therapies. The cumulative benefits of various therapies help you overcome addiction, trauma and emotional turmoil. The abundant natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest goes a long way in encouraging a sustained change and making a lasting recovery.

The Unique Advantages of the Best Outdoor Therapy Pacific Northwest Rehab Centers Can Offer

The Pacific Northwest has mountains, rainforests, and desert. Additionally, it’s home to bustling cities. Pacific Northwest rehab centers offer the best of a lively urban atmosphere and the tranquil, lush outdoors. Outdoor therapy in this region also benefits from the presence of waterways such as the Columbia River, its gorge, and Snoqualmie Falls.

If you reside in Portland, Seattle, Montana, or Idaho, you may want to engage a rehab center close by. You can also save on the costs of traveling to and living in a different state. Additionally, your family and support network are also a quick drive away. Choosing the best outdoor therapy Pacific Northwest facilities have to offer is a practical choice: you can transition to and from your program conveniently.

Why Consider Outdoor Therapy at Crestview Recovery?

Crestview Recovery provides evidence-based care and a compassionate approach to treating behavioral conditions. Our outdoor therapy infuses fun into our comprehensive treatment plan. Additionally, studies have shown that even something as simple as walking in nature triggers neurological changes, quieting the mind, making things previously perceived as being negative seem less so, enhancing the mood and lifting the attention level.

We also offer other addiction therapy services, including:

There are few addiction treatment and trauma healing centers in the Pacific Northwest. Recover and rehabilitate in proximity to your loved ones while also receiving the best possible treatment. Call us at 866.262.0531 to experience all the benefits of the best outdoor therapy Pacific Northwest rehabs can offer, as well as a number of other effective therapies and programs.