A number of counseling techniques have emerged over the years. Extensive research and practice inform the popular therapies in use today at addiction, trauma, personality disorder, and mental illness facilities. You may also respond more effectively to a certain type of counseling. The group therapies used for childhood trauma counseling may differ from therapies that bring about the desired change in individuals living with borderline personality disorder.

Crestview Recovery’s master therapists determine the right treatment plan after conducting an initial evaluation of the patient. You can expect to receive the following types of therapy, dependent on why you have checked in.

Personality Disorder Counseling: Cognitive Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

counseling techniques crestview recovery centerDependent personality disorder: If you want to release yourself from over-dependence on others, cognitive behavioral therapy, which includes mindfulness training, interpersonal skills training, assertiveness training and emotional regulation training can help you make autonomous decisions and act independently.

Borderline personality disorder: Dialectical behavioral therapy is among the foremost counseling techniques used to treat this disorder. It can occur on a patient-therapist basis or in a group setting. The therapy sessions may also include your family members, who will understand how to understand and support you better. Post-therapy, you will be able to regulate your intense emotions to prevent self-harm and express yourself effectively.

Addiction Counseling Techniques

If you or a family member is abusing drugs, alcohol or prescription medication, detox will protect your physical state during withdrawal while an inpatient residential rehab program will focus on mental aspects and addiction counseling techniques.

Individual therapy can include cognitive behavioral therapy where you learn the root cause of your addiction, anticipate risky behavior, and also use coping mechanisms.

Family therapy comprises educational sessions where our therapists help your loved ones proactively address risk factors for relapse and support your recovery effectively.

Group therapy is your chance to interact with people who are battling addiction just like you. Additionally, you feel encouraged to share, support others and receive their support. Such interactions within our safe environment have worked wonderfully for our previous residents, who now lead drug- and alcohol-free lives.

Finally, art therapy encourages free self-expression through the medium of drawing, painting or modeling. It is led by our licensed therapists, who observe your creative process to diagnose your feelings and help you become aware of how those feelings are impacting your dependency.

Trauma Counseling Techniques

While symptoms of trauma can be managed through medication, it is never a long-lasting solution. Our therapists also use behavioral therapy to help you get over your fears, reduce anxiety, and organize painful memories in your mind to accept what has transpired and learn to live in the moment.

As part of your cognitive behavioral sessions, you will learn breathing techniques that relax you, identify irrational thoughts and replace them with logical or positive thoughts, and eventually get over your past to live fully in the present.

Psychodynamic therapy also aims to understand the particular phase or aspect of the traumatic event that has deeply affected you. You will recognize the unconscious processes manifesting in your present behaviors. As you learn to become more aware of the triggers that cause intense feelings, you will also be able to reduce any tension, fear, depression or debilitating emotion resulting from those triggers.

Crestview Recovery Leverages Evidence-based Counseling Techniques

Of course, you or your loved one can benefit from a number of therapies led and overseen by the master therapists at our facility. Our extended 90-day program is trusted and recommended by residents in the Pacific Northwest. Here are some reasons why you should consider Crestview Recovery to overcome your addiction or mental health issues.

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