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anxiety treatment program portland, oregonThe modern world is filled with elements that can cause a high level of fear and anxiety in a person’s life. All of these issues can be very hard to tolerate. They may lead a person to abuse drugs or other substances in an attempt to feel stable. Unfortunately, uncontrolled drug use is a dead end that will only increase anxiety in the long run. Therefore, an anxiety treatment program is often a critical part of the drug treatment process. Read on to learn more about the relationship between anxiety and addiction and how the programs at Crestview Recovery can help. Contact us by calling 866.262.0531 to learn about how dual diagnosis treatment can help people overcome anxiety and substance use disorder.

How Does Inpatient Mental Health Treatment Work?

At Crestview, out staff is committed to providing empathetic, compassionate care for people with extreme anxiety. When you attend therapy for anxiety at Crestview, you will be meeting with a therapist for one-on-one sessions along with attending process groups several times per week. In your discussions with your therapist, you will discuss the root causes of your anxiety, as well as strategies for addressing it moving forward. At Crestview, our team has years of experience finding supportive solutions for our clients’ anxiety issues.

We offer a broad range of programs for individuals suffering from anxiety and related disorders. These include:

We are also a premier addiction treatment center, and as such, can treat your anxiety simultaneous to any substance use issues you may have. Inpatient therapy for anxiety can be very effective, especially when you reach out to get the help you need in a timely manner.

Anxiety and Addiction

Anxiety and addiction are common co-occurring disorders that can make life very difficult for many people. How do these two problems develop and influence each other? If often starts when a person has a high level of anxiety about something in their life and does not know how to handle the emotions associated with that stress. They may turn to alcohol, marijuana, or other substances to calm their nerves.

However, drugs do nothing to help manage the underlying sources of a person’s anxiety. As a result, people often end up feeling elevated levels of fear and turn to even stronger drug. Even worse, the drugs themselves can cause a person to feel anxiety or even paranoia and trigger a higher level of abuse. As a result, many people in this situation need an anxiety treatment program to stay safe and healthy without the use of dangerous drugs. Finding the right combination of medications can make a tremendous difference.



Find a Therapist for Anxiety

An anxiety treatment program typically starts by determining how anxiety impacts a person’s life along with its root causes. You will usually begin your mental health treatment with a therapy or psychotherapy session with a trained professional. They will understand your condition and be able to explain to you how anxiety affects your life. They will listen to why you feel anxious and get a better understanding of the type of disorder you may have. You could be suffering from either social or other generalized anxiety disorders.

Then, they will assess any addiction that you might have and figure out how these addictions feed into your anxiety problems. By fully understanding the nature of these issues, you can begin to step outside of yourself. You may start to fully understand how drugs and anxiety are impacting your life.

At this point in your recovery, you can start detailed treatment within your program or in a rehab facility. This will help you regain a stable and drug-free life. Just as importantly, you can complete a behavioral therapy treatment program, such as dual-diagnosis and cognitive behavioral therapy, to manage any behaviors that contribute to problematic substance use. Each of these programs will help you treat your anxiety in a healthy way without the use of harmful chemicals.

The Crestview Difference

At Crestview Recovery, we have an anxiety treatment program that can help manage your addiction. We offer multiple levels of treatment, including:

Our treatment specialists are master-level experts with years of experience in their field. We are also fully accredited by the Joint Commission, which ensures quality and safety. And our beautiful Pacific Northwest sober living homes provide a home-like environment centered on helping people heal.

Get the Help You Need in a Compassionate Clinical Environment

It’s not always easy to get help for anxiety when you are unable to leave your home. In this day and age, we understand why you might not want to do so. However, for individuals struggling with an anxiety disorder, the problem with social distancing and self-isolation is that they can fuel and exacerbate a condition that is already debilitating. In this situation, inpatient therapy for anxiety and substance use disorder may be the lifeline you need.


“I can’t speak highly enough about Crestview. I am helping my brother navigate his road to recovery from a horrible addiction to alcoholism. He has been in and out of various levels of treatment facilities for about five years but what makes Crestview so special is that his ‘care team’ truly cares about him and communicates with me when I have concerns or questions. It is quite rare to have the unending support of educated and compassionate people that I can talk to and troubleshoot issues with. They communicate better than any facility that my brother has been to over the last five years and they do so with incredible empathy. They have become my second family. I thank them from the bottom of my heart. I recommend Crestview Recovery for struggling addicts that want to feel that their lives truly matter because they do!”

When Is Inpatient Therapy for Anxiety a Good Choice?

Patients seeking anxiety treatment in Portland are right to think that speaking to a therapist in a one-on-one setting is ideal in many ways. Crestview’s residential treatment program for anxiety and addiction is an excellent option.

Among the indicators that inpatient treatment is a better option for you are the following:

  • Your living situation is inconducive to your recovery.
  • You have high-risk health complications or are otherwise worried about becoming ill.
  • There are barriers to you traveling for therapy sessions (e.g., not having reliable transportation).
  • You need a program that is flexible in terms of scheduling and that you can begin immediately.

If any of the above applies to you, consider reaching out to Crestview Recovery in Portland.

How Can Inpatient Rehab Help Treat Anxiety?

For individuals seeking anxiety treatment in Portland, residential treatment is an excellent option, especially given the current public health crisis. You can take advantage of in-person therapy while you live in one of our sober living homes.

At Crestview Recovery, you can learn to manage your anxiety along with any other mental health issues you may be experiencing, including addiction through our dual diagnosis treatment program. Our comprehensive therapy platform can give you a new perspective on your anxiety while giving you the tools you need to achieve lasting mental health.

Reach Out to Crestview Recovery Today

When you opt for inpatient treatment for anxiety at Crestview, you are choosing to take charge of your mental well-being. Recovery in a psychiatric hospital is not necessary in many cases if you find a good treatment center. To learn more about the broad range of treatment options offered at our Portland facility, reach out to us using our convenient online form, or call our mental health and addiction specialists at 866.262.0531 today.

Do You Need Residential, IOP, or PHP Care?

There are several addiction treatment programs at Crestview that individuals struggling with addiction and anxiety issues can choose from. However, the availability of numerous options can sometimes be overwhelming. You might be having a challenging time deciding between residential, IOP, or PHP care. The team of addiction specialists at Crestview can help you choose the program that is right for you

What Is Residential Care?

Patients in residential care reside in a facility. Some facilities are more clinical, and others, like Crestview, resemble a home environment. In most cases, residential care starts in our hospitalization program Crestview so we can make sure to monitor vital signs and keep people safe.

A key advantage of residential care is the safety it provides due to the available round-the-clock care. Plus, with medical professionals always around, you can be better guided through your treatment, improving the chances of a successful recovery.

Being around people who are also battling addiction grants you the added benefit of companionship, limiting the chances of loneliness, which could impact your recovery. Most importantly, residential care enables you to fully immerse yourself into your recovery in a homey, peaceful environment.

What Is a PHP?

PHP stands for “partial hospitalization program” and is a form of treatment that allows patients to achieve the intensity of residential care during the day and return home at night. A significant benefit of PHP care is that it will enable you to begin to transition back into everyday life by living at home or in a sober living facility. Although you will spend most of your time in our facility, you can begin to put what you are learning into practice as you build your support network and develop healthy routines. Also, when compared to residential care, PHP is a more affordable option, making it accessible to more people who require treatment.

What Is an IOP?

Also known as an intensive outpatient program, IOP care is a form of addiction treatment that allows patients to recover from their substance use disorder while still maintaining their personal and professional routine. This flexibility is one of its main advantages, and makes it an excellent option for individuals already in recovery, or whose addictions are not as severe as others.’ A patient can begin repairing the damage done while still in treatment, immediately building support in their circles and community.

Get the Help You Need at Crestview Recovery

If you believe that an anxiety treatment program will help you manage your addiction, please contact us at 866.262.0531 today. At Crestview Recovery, we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve the sobriety that they deserve to be happy and healthy. Verify your insurance to get started on the path of sobriety.