Millions of people living in the United States are dealing with substance addiction and some form of mental health disorder. When the two conditions exist simultaneously, individuals often experience immeasurable difficulties. This is because the symptoms of one disorder can work against and intensify symptoms of the other condition. Fortunately, rehab at a center for addiction and mental health can treat both conditions together and lead to life-changing results.

Why Choose a Center for Addiction and Mental Health Over Standard Rehab?

man at a center for addiction and mental health in or crestview recoveryIf you suffer from both a substance addiction and mental health disorder, you know how large of a battle you’re facing. Addiction on its own can be debilitating. When combined with a psychological condition, addiction becomes downright unbearable.

If you want to quit abusing mind-altering substances and get back to enjoying life, you must seek help for both conditions. Without this kind of dual treatment, you will remain at high risk for future relapse. You are also unlikely to see improvement in your mental health.

However, choosing to enroll at a center for addiction and mental health can greatly increase your chances for a full rehabilitation. You can find a quality recovery facility where you can undergo treatment for both your conditions in one place. While working to get sober, you can also start restoring your emotional and spiritual imbalances.

Taking Advantage of Therapy Services

Each user’s experience with addiction is unique. Your history with substance abuse has brought you to this point and it will determine your recovery needs. For treatment to work, you need a treatment plan that can be altered according to your specific needs and weaknesses. Otherwise, you’re unlikely to achieve true or lasting results.

One important service to take advantage of during your time at a center for addiction and mental health is addiction therapy. A qualified psychologist can help you work through your personal struggles using constructive methods. You can learn helpful coping skills for dealing with stress in the future. Therapy can also provide you with many relapse prevention methods to use once treatment ends. All of these tools together can act as a strong foundation for your recovery and future sobriety.

Another beneficial part of rehab at a center for addiction and mental health in or near Portland is detox. You’re likely to experience uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms as you detox from drug or alcohol abuse. Detox in a managed setting is the safest and most effective way to get through this unpredictable process. By the time you complete detox at a center for addiction and mental health, you’ll be prepared to begin your own personalized treatment plan.

The Treatment You Need is Here

If you’re ready to tackle your sobriety at a center for addiction and mental health in or near Portland, Oregon, choose Crestview Recovery. Our dual diagnosis treatment center in Oregon is precisely the individualized care that you need and deserve. You can receive help for your substance abuse problem while also focusing on your psychological health.

Each of our guests undergoes their own unique treatment regimen. If you enroll at our center for addiction and mental health, your schedule could include programs like:

The Road to Recovery Begins Here

If you’re ready to put old habits to bed and start working towards recovery, the professionals at Crestview Recovery are eager to help. Let the programs at our center for addiction and mental health in OR guide you towards a sober and independent new start. Call us toll-free today at 866.262.0531 to learn more about this life-changing opportunity.